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It isn’t unusual for a team to be carrying a penalty during an America’s Cup race, either from a pre-start incident or from later in the race. It is always difficult to decide when to unburden yourself by completing a penalty turn.

A penalty turn costs about 30-seconds in most conditions, but it leaves the boat moving slowly. Thus, teams often wait until the finish of the race, unburdening themselves at the finishing line, where they won’t be disadvantaged by needing to build speed again.

On the other hand, if you’ve built a big enough lead to complete the penalty and still lead, it might make sense to take the turn immediately. You may not have as big a lead come the finish line.

To absolve itself of a penalty a team must complete a 270 degree turn, which on an upwind leg must include a gybe, (a downwind penalty must include a tack). Under Rules C7.2 and Rule 7.3, the boat making a penalty turn doesn’t regain its normal rights under it is back on its proper course.

Another option to taking the penalty turn is to try and neutralise the penalty by forcing the opposition into making a foul. When leading, this means slowing down to bring the boats closer together, the idea being to engage the other boat in such a way that the Umpires penalise it. This strategy is most often employed on the final run to the finish where the leading boat holding the penalty doesn’t feel it has a large enough lead to make its turn and still finish first.

Fulfilling the penalty turn results in a significant loss of any lead. At position Yellow has a five boat length lead. When it is at the starboard tack layline, Yellow gybes around, fulfilling its penalty obligation. Yellow comes out of the circle with starboard tack rights and an opportunity to stay in the lead.

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