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The Pre-Start
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Race planning
Neutral circle
Bear-Away escape
Lead in
Early Hook
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Early Hook

Here, Yellow is leading back to the starting line. Blue is pushing and has established a leeward overlap. As the windward boat, Yellow is obliged to keep clear of Blue. Rule 11, while Blue must initially give Yellow Room and Opportunity to Keep Clear Rule 15.

In this situation, Blue is able to luff Yellow all the way up to head to wind (there is no Proper Course before the start). Rule 11, Rule 15 and Rule 16 apply here. The only safe option for Yellow is to tack away. Blue is now in a position to lead back to the starting line. Yellow is vulnerable to being late for the start, or slow as the starting gun fires, giving an early advantage to Blue.

Источник: 32nd America's Cup Official Website

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