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The Pre-Start
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Lead in

After entering the start box at the five-minute gun, the boats fight for position at the start. When there is about two minutes to go until the start gun, key decisions have to be made –specifically, when to head back to the starting line.

In this case, Yellow in position ‘1’, decides to lead the Blue boat back towards the line. Instead of completing a full circle, Yellow luffs up head to wind.

Blue then tacks around to start pushing Yellow back to the line. By tacking (instead of gybing) Blue gains a better angle to push Yellow back towards the starting line.

Blue now can try for an Early Hook, or can keep Yellow far down the starting line. This would give Blue time and space to tack and start on port tack, with plenty of runway towards the Race Committee boat to build up speed.

The decision of when to Lead In is absolutely critical and relies on precise time and distance judgement. Turning for the line just 10 seconds too early may leave Yellow running out of room on the Starting Line near the pin end. This could result in being forced over the line early, having to gybe around resulting in a late start, or being forced to slow down very late in the start sequence resulting in very low boat speed as the start gun fires. All three scenarios are bad enough to lose the race.

In general, it is easier to lead in back to the starting line in lighter winds. In stronger conditions, it is easier be the boat pushing from behind.

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