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The Pre-Start
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Race planning
Neutral circle
Bear-Away escape
Lead in
Early Hook
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Neutral Circle

If the boats have a first dial up, the next move is usually determined by the conditions and the speed of the boats. In strong winds or big waves, the boats decelerate quickly. Yellow is the give way boat in this situation under Rule 11 and often will tack before stopping and losing control of its steering.

But in light conditions the two boats are often able to sit side by side in the dial up for a very long time. When this happens, the pressure shifts to Blue to try and escape.

When Yellow is moving forward on Blue, the Blue boat may be able to escape by tacking behind the stern of Yellow.

The lead boat will often begin to circle around once out past the Race Committee boat. If Blue isn’t able to follow out of the dial-up closely, then Yellow usually circles more quickly, returning to push Blue into another dial-up.

When both boats begin circling, looking like a dog chasing its tail, neither has an advantage – neutral circles – and the key decisions become that of timing and placement; the timing back to the startline and placement with regards to which end of the line – Race Committee boat or pin – is favoured.

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