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The Pre-Start
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26.11.2009 09:44
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Race planning

Race planning is perhaps the most critical aspect of a match for a professional America's Cup team. The ability of each crew is such that execution is almost taken for granted. But what is to be executed is often the critical question.

There are many inputs to the race plan for an America’s Cup match. The on-shore meteorology team will have both big picture forecasts, and short-term predictions for the start time. The navigator will have information on any tidal flow that affects the race course, and the sailing team will have opinions as to the habits and strategies along with the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. The role of the afterguard on the team is to assimilate all of this information and distil it into a plan for the start, with a longer term, flexible plan for the rest of the race.

Depending on the how square the start line is to the wind, one side of the line may be favoured as being slightly closer to the top mark compared to the other. Depending upon the weather forecast, this may or may not be the same side of the course favoured for the first leg. Additionally, much of the efforts of the weather team are now dedicated towards predicting the first wind shift. All of this information is considered as the afterguard formulates its starting strategy.

A team may be trying to win a particular side of the start line, or it may be looking just for a certain position relative to the other boat at the start. Of course, the pre-start is a traditional place to try and win a penalty on your opponent (although this isn’t easy – the opposition is thinking the same thing!)

Generally, if a team is confident in its speed relative to the opposition, a more conservative strategy at the start is preferred. A slower team will feel it needs an early advantage if it is to stay ahead in the race, and may feel forced into aggressive tactics early.

The race plan must be constantly evaluated and updated during the match as the tactician works with the rest of the afterguard to assess new information and update the strategy for the rest of the race.

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