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26.11.2009 16:36
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If the wind has shifted to the left during the windward leg, it may be advantageous to gybe immediately upon rounding the windward mark. This may also be the case if a trailing boat is trying to achieve a measure of separation from a leading boat that has executed the more common bear-away spinnaker set.

The gybe-set is a more difficult manoeuvre, and slower than a bear-away set.

The pole is typically set on the mast while on starboard tack.

As the boat bears away around the mark, the helmsman continues turning through a gybe. The spinnaker is hoisted in the ‘gybed’ position as the boat bears away and the spinnaker pole is raised as soon as the genoa gybed across the boat. The spinnaker is usually slower to fill, as it sheltered by the mainsail until the turn is complete and the pole is raised.

Источник: 32nd America's Cup Official Website