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26.11.2009 16:36
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The easiest approach to the windward mark, from a crewman’s perspective, is to tack on the port tack layline with nearly two minutes of sailing left before reaching the mark. This allows plenty of time to get the spinnaker ready, put the spinnaker pole on the mast, sneak the spinnaker part of the way up, and be calm and confident when arriving at the mark.

Of course, for any number of tactical reasons, this rarely happens. And the Port tack approach has and element of risk if the opposition is close and approaching the mark on starboard tack.

When the boat arrives too late on the layline, there is not enough time left to complete all the procedures, and so the spinnaker hoist is slower.

1 - The spinnaker pole is clipped on to the mast and the spinnaker sheets are attached.

2 - The pole is raised.

3 - The spinnaker halyard is partly raised and the spinnaker is ‘pre-hoisted’ as high as the second spreader on the mast.

4 - The boat bears away for a full speed hoist. When there is a starboard tack boat approaching on the starboard tack layline, Rule 10 applies.

Finally, the headsail is dropped as soon as possible and the crew signal that they are ready to gybe whenever the afterguard feels it necessary.