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26.11.2009 16:36
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Taking a penalty turn downwind (defined as sailing more than 90-degrees off the wind direction) requires a team to tack when executing the turn. In addition the spinnaker must be taken down such that the head of the sail is below the gooseneck (where the boom meets the mast). Rule C7.2, C7.3 and C7.4 are applicable.

In America’s Cup boats, taking a penalty turn downwind is less common because of the time required to drop and re-hoist the spinnaker. The exception of course is at the finishing line, where there is no need to re-hoist the spinnaker or build up speed again.

In position 1, the genoa is hoisted. In position 2, the spinnaker comes down as per a normal mark rounding. The boat takes its penalty turn around the pin end of the finishing line, which makes it easier to judge where the line is. The worst scenario is making the penalty turn to early and finding the boat stalled coming out of the penalty turn but still needing to sail for the finish line. Blue also is given rights as the inside boat at the finishing line as soon it is on a downwind course.