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26.11.2009 16:36
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This is a situation that occurs with some frequency in the America's Cup, usually when a trailing boat makes a gain on the downwind leg.

In this case, Yellow has made a gain, and established an overlap position from clear astern. Under Rule 17.1, Yellow can not sail above its proper course. While there is some degree of subjectivity in this, the Umpires will be watching Yellow very closely.

It is important to note that Yellow isn't the only one burdened by Proper Course here. Rule 17.2 also restricts Blue from sailing below its proper course

As the boats approach the layline, Yellow's proper course is to gybe for the mark, and under the Rules, must do so. However, the further past the layline that Yellow can sail, the more difficult it will be for Blue to establish the inside overlap that would allow it to round the mark in the lead. As the boats approach the layline, Blue will be making loud and constant appeals to the Umpires that Yellow is sailing them too far without gybing. Yellow must temper its desire to punish Blue, with the reality that the Umpires are about to punish them.

Proper course is a very difficult call for the Umpires to make, but Yellow must take care that it doesn't test the Umpires too aggressively here.

Yellow is only forced to gybe if the original overlap it established was from clear astern. If it was Blue that originally made the gain from astern to becoming overlapped to windward, then Yellow has luffing rights under Rule 11 and is free to sail Blue past the mark.