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Автор: Strateg RUS YSR   
22.09.2013 06:21

VSK Match hereby announces World Match Racing Championship 2013. The format will be quite similar as the previous years, but some skippers (according to their ranking at VSK Match (*)) may qualify directly to round robin 2. The number of these skippers is depending the total number of entries, so the decision will be taken after the entry dead line.

Key facts:
Software: VSKAC32/VSK5 / VSK5Online (whatever at any time is the latest unrestricted version)
Boat type: ACC
Race mode: Tactical
Registration deadline: October 6
RR1: October 7 - October 25
RR2: October 28 - November 15
Semis: November 18 - November 29
Finals: December 2 - December 15
Eligibility requirement: Mininum 10 races registered at VSK Match in 2013. Skippers with less registered races may become eligible in order to make evenly sized groups. Please note that the eligibility requirement doesn't have to be fulfilled before clicking on the registration button.

(*): The snapshot of the ranking (including bonus points) will be taken at October 5th. The core ranking will be used for seeding of the skippers when creating the groups.

Further details will be published in the Sailing Instructions, available one day before start.

To register, follow this link and click on the signup button:
WMRC 2013.

WMRC Race Committee
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