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Автор: Strateg RUS YSR   
07.01.2013 18:34

VSK Nordic once again invites you to the Nordic ACC Championship. To be crowned as Nordic Champion, you have to beat the strongest pool of competitors. The event has got a reputation that attracts the very best VSK sailors, so if you think you can sail, this is where to prove it...

Who: Owners of the full version of VSKAC32/VSK5/Vsk5Online, limited to a maximum total of 80 (*)
What: Acc Fleet Race
Where: Various VSK5 Seascapes
When: January 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 29th and 31st at 21:00 CET
Registration deadline: Sunday January 13th

Download the NC'13 courses

To sign up for NC'13, fill out the form below:

Do not sign up unless you can participate at least at 3 of the first 4 race days.

(*)If you are not sure if you are running the free version, this is what you see on game launch with the free version. With the free version, you cannot create course, you cannot examine the championship courses, you cannot examine replays and other sailors cannot see your personal skin and avatar. And you cannot join NC13... PS! You may use Vsk5Online, but only if you race with a payed user account (either one that is bought online or one that is transfered from Vsk5/VskAC32).

(*) In 2013 the limit is 80 competitors, which will be selected from the entry list in the following order:

Skippers placed in top-10 from NC 2012Skippers with more than 50% participation at Autumn Cup 2012Wild cards given by the race committeeDate of entry (at VSK Nordic or NC'13 to be decided asap by RC)

Preliminary entry list

Additional preliminary info:There will be 2 regattas on each race night. The regattas the first 2 weeks (8 races) will be qualifiers for the "gold finals", to be held the last week (4 races). The 2 worst results of every skipper will be discarded from the qualifying regattas, leaving 6 to count. The points from the qualifiers wil be carried into the gold finals. There will be no discards from the final 4 races. The last race will be a medalrace, with doubled points.

The Race Committee will divide the participants in different fleets, with a maximum fleet size of 20 boats.

Details will be published in the Sailing Instructions, available at least one day before start.

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